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Orchid Trivia!

Orchids are delicate and unique and many only grow in certain parts of the world. They’re a lovely flower to encourage in your garden, or to have a few stems in a vase decorating your home. But how much do you know about orchids?


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\"SpottedA family weekend activity which grew into a family business. Gintong Talulot’s story can be encapsulated with this sentence. It was however not as simple as it sounds. How it got to be a thriving family business with 5 branches is definitely a colorful and exciting journey to be told. Vision, hard work, persistence, team work and tons of prayers and faith were among the ingredients employed by the family behind the orchid farm business. 

Being true blue proud Filipinos, spouses Dr. Perlito I. Ibarra and Mrs. Angelita R. Ibarra spearheaded the family into giving Filipino business name for their farm, thus the name, “Gintong Talulot” was coined. English translation of “Gintong Talulot” is “Gold Petal.”  The owners felt orchids have every right to be likened to the precious metal gold because of its quality. Aside from their exquisite form and unique colors, when examined closely, the petals of each orchid flower are sturdy therefore they do not wither fast. This particular characteristic of its petals has made orchids popular to florist because it can sustain longer vase life compared to other flowers. The preciousness of orchids is not appreciated by florists alone. For plant lovers, the dazzling colors and exotic appeal of each orchid flower and the beauty of the whole orchid plant itself has made orchids a favorite eye-candy in their gardens. Landscapers also share this preference for orchids not only for its ability to instantly put emphasis on the lawn’s general appeal but also because these plants are well cut to survive and can easily be propagated in our tropical climate. Hobbyist and collectors also have penchant for orchids because the abundant varieties available make their collection a cornucopia of interesting species. All these characteristics of orchids plus its popular reputation as a “high end” plant has gained each orchid the right to be likened to gold- a “gold petal” or in Filipino a more romantic term “Gintong Talulot” indeed.


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